When is the best time to send an email campaign?

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As someone who cares about engaging your audience through email, you may find yourself wondering ‘when is the best time to send out an email campaign?’ With the high volume of emails being delivered to your audience’s inbox everyday, it’s important to break through the clutter with awesome subject lines and content, while also delivering your campaign at the perfect time. This will help ensure that your email catches the subscribers attention at a time when they are wanting to read your email. To help you determine the best time to send your next email campaign, we’ve listed these 8 best practices for you to follow. Read below!


To begin, consider all the possible factors that come into play when sending out an email campaign:


1. Day vs. night

Consider what time it is for the majority of your subscribers. Whether you are sending your email campaign during the day or in the night, the answer will depend on your audience’s unique preferences. Try to find out what time generates the highest open rate and modify your campaign to reflect that time. If that time changes, don’t be afraid to experiment! 


2.  Where are your subscribers located?

A major factor that determines when to send out a campaign, is where your subscribers are located. Are they positioned in different time zones? Different continents? Knowing where your subscribers are located geographically can enable you to find the best time of day or night that is most beneficial for your campaign.


3. Subscriber schedule  

The time of day that you send your email out at is of high importance. Try considering what your audience is doing during the day and when their free time is. For example, does your target audience typically work during the day time? Are they working a nine to five job or do they work on rotational shifts? This piece of information can provide you with a general outline for when your audience is most likely to check and engage with their emails.


Here are some general guidelines for when 9-5ers are likely to check their emails for non-work related emails:

Before work (6am-9am)

Mid morning/mid day (10-11am- 1-2pm)

After work (6pm-9pm)


4. Weekend emails

As well, consider sending out an email campaign on the weekends. Think about your own weekends and what time you relax and catch up on the week’s events. For most people, this may be Saturday or Sunday early-late mornings. We suggest sending out a few emails on the weekend to see how your audience responds. A simple A/B split test could help you determine optimal times for sending out your campaign. Go ahead and experiment, you may be surprised with your results!


5. What type of content are you providing?

Similar to the concept of adjusting your email for your audience’s schedules and routines, the specific content your email provides is important for determining when to send your email. For example, a work related newsletter (ie business), may be preferred during the mid-morning to mid-day. While an entertainment newsletter (ie sport or music) may be preferred during the evening, when subscribers aren’t busy with work emails and are more focused on relaxing.


6. What devices are your emails being read on?

The ability to access emails via mobile devices has taken the world by storm. The specific device that your audience uses to check their emails can provide you insight on what time of day they actively check their emails. Research suggests that desktop users typically view their emails during the work hours of the day, while tablet users seems to view their emails after work hours, during the evenings. Then there are smartphone users, who are constantly engaging with their cell phones, providing you the opportunity to send an email campaign at anytime for these users. Using this information, you can adjust your campaign even more, towards the habits of your target audience.


Different devices have different peaks times for checking emails:

Tablet Users 

– Open emails outside of business hours between 5:00PM to 9:00PM 

– Tend to be most active between 8:00PM – 9:00pm


Desktop users

– Open emails during business hours between 8:00AM – 5:00PM 

– Tend to be most active between 3:00PM – 4:00PM  



– Open emails all hours of the day

79% of adult smartphone users have their phones with them for 22 hours a day


Keeping this in mind, make sure your email campaign is mobile responsive. If the majority of your subscribers are reading your campaign on a mobile device, you want to make sure it’s a great user experience for them as well!


7. Be consistent

Try setting up a specific time that you will consistently send your email campaign out at. Many people like consistency and organization. This is one way of organizing your email campaign for your readers/subscribers and adds regularity to when they receive it. This will allow your subscribers to know when to expect your email and begin looking forward to when it arrives in their inboxes.


8. Test your campaign

Test, test, test! Testing your campaign is extremely important. Test your campaign and review the results to see what works and what does not. This is the best way to modify your campaign for optimal results and reach your email campaign’s full potential.


A great way to test your email campaign’s success, is through A/B split testing. Upaknee provides a great tool for A/B email testing. A/B split testing allows you to see which of the two campaign ideas for your email work the best and then the winning campaign to the other subscribers.


In conclusion

By considering these factors, you can enhance your next email campaign to fit perfectly into your target audience’s lifestyles and routines. This will help your campaign to reach its full potential and generate optimal results like increased open rates, click thru rate, and engagement with your website!


Check out our summary graphic on ‘When To Send Your Email’ as a quick reference whenever you need! 

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