What’s The Biggest Social Sharer? EMAIL!

// March 30th, 2010 // Web Trends

When people want to share interesting links to their friends, they’re over two times more likely to be reaching for their email client than all of the social networks combined according to Tynt Multimedia, a web analytics company based in Calgary.

Tynt tracks social sharing via copy-and-paste actions, and according to their statistics from 400,000 websites, 70% of all sharing is via email. Facebook is a distant second at 25%.

social sharing email

Total Social Sharing. Source: Tynt Multimedia.

Links that are emailed to friends are also more likely to be clicked on than via Facebook or Twitter.  It’s clear that while Facebook and Twitter are great new ways to engage readers, email remains the top choice for sharing great content with their readers.  This is an encouraging statistic for email marketers as it proves that emails continue to be an effective marketing technique to virally spread your message.

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