Upaknee understands diversity; and that fuels our belief that an enterprise solution shouldn’t be a one size fits all. For large enterprise organizations seeking a robust and powerful email communications platform, Upaknee has the tools and features to meet and exceed your needs. Depending on what your organization’s goals are, Upaknee offers different solutions to attract, engage, and delight subscribers.
Media & Digital Publishers

Media & Digital Publishers

Upaknee’s advanced media solution is a powerful way to drive audience engagement and increase revenue. We understand the relationship publishers have with their audience, and we want to facilitate even more meaningful relationships with relevant, timely, and stunning email newsletters. The Upaknee Media Solution allows publishers to convert visitors into subscribers, increase website traffic from email, grow subscriber lists, and decrease churn.


If you would like to understand how Upaknee’s Media Solution can help your business, Request a Demo and we’d be happy to provide you with an overview.

CBC Case Study

Customer Success Story

We work with Canada’s national public broadcaster, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation to deliver millions of emails to new and loyal subscribers every week. Using a powerful and integrated Subscription Centre, subscribers can choose from over 40+ newsletters and decide which news topics they’d like to subscribe to and have fresh headlines delivered right to their inbox, daily.


To learn more about how the CBC increased engagement and outreach, read the Case Study.

Communities & Local Government

Through years of work with Canadian municipalities, Upaknee has created a sophisticated and secure email solution for increasing community awareness and engagement for Municipalities. The team at Upaknee understands how important it is to inform and engage constituents; our software makes it easy for municipalities to keep communities up to date with the latest news and developments all delivered in the recipient’s language of choice. Upaknee’s Enterprise API ensures seamless integrations with all of a municipality’s back end systems, to provide consolidation, security, and advanced cross-platform communications.


Ensure no one goes unreached, get in touch with us to learn how Upaknee can help connect people all over your municipality with relevant and timely information.

Communities & Local Governments
Service Providers

Service Providers (Utilities, Libraries, Telco’s)

With the power of Upaknee, you can start managing your customer accounts more efficiently. Through account triggers and reconciliation, utilities and libraries can use email and SMS to notify customers of new bills or overdue items, ultimately decreasing customer support costs while increasing the effectiveness of customer messaging. Our system allows for reliable, customized communications so important account information makes its way to the customer’s inbox on time. Upaknee makes it easy for organizations to communicate beyond account information, to send best practices and notifications, subsequently strengthening relationships with customers.


You don’t have to compromise your customer support when decreasing support costs. Let’s talk to figure out your next step towards outstanding account management and communications.

Retailers & eCommerce

For large retail businesses with multiple locations, Upaknee enables you to send highly targeted emails, through sophisticated geographic and store-based targeting. We understand that information varies on a store by store basis, which is why we’ve created cascading controls, ensuring your information is controlled by the right people, while still giving management comprehensive insights into each campaign; our departments feature ensures access controls and restrictions depending on your involvement in a campaign. The Upaknee retail solution improves your customer relationships through personalized offers and promotions, while increasing brand loyalty.


Upaknee is all about the customer, and we understand they are not all the same. Ensure your unique customers are communicated to with relevant offers, we’re happy to help!

Retail & eCommerce
Alternative Industries

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