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// March 14th, 2016 // Email Newsletters, Guide, Journalism, Media, Web Trends


This past January, the London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE) and their journalism think-tank, Polis, released their annual report. The report, which was written by Swedish research fellow, Charlotte Fagerlund, is titled “Back to the Future- Email Newsletters as a Digital Channel for Journalism” and highlights the resurgence of email newsletters for News Media.


From interviews with David Beard, former Head of Digital at the Washington Post to Nicole Breskin, Digital Product Director of the New York Times, Faglerlund goes to great lengths to prove that email newsletters aren’t dead, and are in fact, a very effective tool for News Media organizations to reach readers directly.


In the report, Fagerlund identifies countless reasons for why News Media companies benefit from email newsletters. She carefully addresses email independently- is email outdated? Who uses email? How do people use email? What devices do people use to view email? And then goes into specific examples of advantages, best practices, and types of email newsletters, along with statistics and trends in email newsletters that organizations can hone in on now.


CBC Email Newsletter


At Upaknee, we can’t stress the importance of this report enough. As we’ve experienced first hand with Canada’s largest broadcaster, the CBC, email newsletters are a necessary piece of the digital ecosystem for large media organizations. They have proven to engage readers in a more personalized way, by delivering content that readers actually want to read, meaning deliverability and open rates have a better chance of skyrocketing above average.


To gain insight into the past, present, and future of email newsletters, view the Polis Report “Back to the Future: Email Newsletters as a Digital Channel for Journalism” below.

View Polis Report Here



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