How the CBC Increased Newsletter Engagement

CBC Case Study by Upaknee

// March 21st, 2016 // Case Studies, Email Deliverability, Email Newsletters, Media


As Canada’s public broadcaster, the CBC shares important news with people across Canada and all over the world. In the past couple years there has been a huge shift from print publishing to online publishing, making digital increasingly vital in the overall strategy of News Media and Publishing organizations. Different media outlets have since been experimenting successfully (and unsuccessfully) with mobile and tablet applications, social media, video, SMS, paid digital subscriptions, and email newsletters in order to capture new audiences and further engage existing ones.

Despite the confusion around email as a digital strategy for news, it has proved (with a vengeance) that it’s not dead and never really went away in the first place.  Email has remained a strong digital channel for sharing and communicating information to audiences that want it. With Anti-Spam laws in Canada and other countries gaining momentum, the perspective on email is changing for the better.


For the CBC, they’ve always known that email is critical to their core digital initiatives. However, the processes and tools they were using for those initiatives were holding them back. The Digital Team couldn’t send out email newsletters as quickly as they’d like to, which discouraged ad-hoc initiatives that had the potential to drive a lot of value for the readers and increase subscriptions. Through Upaknee’s implementation, the CBC was able to remedy these troubling issues and increase their newsletter programming drastically.


Read more in the CBC Case Study: How the CBC Increased Engagement and Outreach by Removing Technical Barriers to Content Creation.

View Full Case Study Here:

CBC Case Study


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