5 benefits of using social sign-in


Tuesday, July 19th, 2016

:: Best Practices, Email Newsletters, Login, Sign-in


We’re constantly searching for new ways to engage with our audience and provide them with the content they love and enjoy consuming. In order to do so, a smooth transition needs to be in place to convert your visitors into leads. When a road block begins from the start of the conversion process you can almost instantaneously lose a potential subscriber’s interest. Many users are finding it to be an extremely overwhelming process to sign up for a new user account online causing them to leave a website altogether. Manually inputting their personal information to sign up for a newsletter campaign can be a time consuming process and in turn have people running away! With a simple click of a button, a social sign-in option can help prevent this from happening. A social sign-in can offer a swift process to convert new user into a subscriber and allow your business to engage with your audience right from the start!

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