It’s Here – The All New Campaign Manager!

// March 1st, 2010 // Announcements

We have listened to feedback and have been working hard to improve and enhance our product. Today, we have launch the new version of Campaign Manager and you can see these results of the changes live ( Below is a short description of the features included in this release.

  • Upaknee Campaign ManagerAdvanced Segmentation includes enhancements to segmentation capabilities.  Now you can segment all of your lists based on, contact list fields, message actions (i.e. received, opened, etc) and message inactions (i.e. didn’t receive, didn’t open, etc).  You can also create segments with multiple rules and multiple criteria allowing for increased segmentation capability.
  • In Accounts on the Manage Users page, we have expanded the permission groups to include 9 different classes providing administrators with more flexibility.
  • List Imports enhancements include, the option of sending a welcome and/or confirmation email to: all imported members, all members not already active and members not already on the list (includes active & pending.  Also, when importing a file, encoding now includes: Windows-1252, US-ASCII, Tab-delimited files.
  • Reporting enhancements: a new graphical reporting interface enables our clients to more easily understand the details of how their mailing have performed. Reporting will also become more interactive and the Reporting over Time graph will have the ability to focus on specific time periods
  • Tiny MCE Editor: This new editing module, available free for Upaknee users can be embedded into your site and used to lock down what users can change within a message. That means more flexibility and less problematic edits! TinyMCE comes with some other great features, like image management and cropping, that make it easier than ever to build great campaigns.
  • You can now add Unsubscribes to the Suppression List
  • Generate Text from HTML: This easy 1-click feature uses the text and link information in the HTML version of your mailing to automatically generate a text version of your email within the Text window.

We’re not stopping here. Look for new and powerful enhancements to Upaknee’s Campaign Manager throughout 2010.

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