6 easy tips & tricks to segment your email list!

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Congrats! You have successfully compiled an email list for your campaign, now what? It seems that the common mistake businesses continue to make time after time is to send the exact same email out, forgetting to use the process of segmentation.  

You might be thinking ‘is this something that’s worth my time and effort?’ Segmenting your contact list can allow you to deliver relevant content to a specific group of subscribers and in turn, satisfy their unique preferences and needs. This will enable you to enhance your business’s customer relationship management (CRM), which can result in higher click and open rates, a decreased number of unsubscribes, and an increase in sales leads. With an overwhelming amount of content being delivered to your customer’s inboxes everyday, it is important to provide them with relevant content that they want to consume. Hence, proving why this process is so important.

Now you might be thinking, “how do I segment my contact list to achieve the best results?” Below, Upaknee has created a list of best practices that you can follow when it comes time to segment your email list:


1. Demographics

Start with segmenting your contact list into different demographic characteristics to determine what would be considered relevant content for these subscribers. A great way to start segmenting your contact list would be by the age of your consumers. Today, anyone has the ability to access the internet, regardless of their age. Using this piece of information, i.e. being aware your subscriber’s age, can allow you to determine what type of content would be relevant and you can adjust your campaign accordingly. With the different stages that people go through in life as they age, we see them develop different interests and needs on what content they want to consume. Would a banking program be relevant for teenager or would this service be better geared towards an adult audience in need of financial help?


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Upaknee’s Campaign Manager | An example of segmenting your contact group by location


A great way to obtain this would be to use the information your subscribers have provided when opting in for your email campaign, for example, through a signup form with different fields. With this piece of information, your business can better determine what type of leads you have generated and evaluate what type of needs your consumers have. Remember to include questions or data fields that your business would want answered to help you segment your list. Whatever you do, do not bombard them with an overwhelming amount of fields, that will defeat the purpose of the opt-in page and deter subscriber.


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The City of Surrey | An example of a signup form


2. Buyer Persona

Once you have finished developing a list of traits of your subscribers, you can use this information to segment your email list into categories or ‘buyer personas’ and develop solutions these types of subscribers will value. Using the information you have gathered from the research on your buyer personas, your business can provide more relevant content geared towards their different needs and values. This will help increase your email campaigns click-through and conversion rate, leading to a more successful campaign!



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3. Location

Get creative! Use the location of where your consumers are to help with segmenting your email list. One way to use this information to your advantage is by using the location your subscriber has provided to create a relevant subject line. Try including a city nearby to your consumers in the subject line with relevant content to peak their interest for that email campaign. Research suggests that emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened. This will help the email to be more relevant and intriguing for your consumers. To obtain this information, try incorporating in the opt-in page a way for them to provide their zip/postal code or city.


Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 2.41.25 PM


4. Link Clicks

Upaknee’s Campaign Manager provides the ability to collect data on all link activity and report which links were clicked most often, and by whom. With this information, you can segment your subscribers based on what links they have clicked and tailor the campaign to those interests. With this knowledge you can send follow-up emails such as related content, special promotions or follow up information to the link that was clicked.


Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 2.45.13 PM


5. Consumers Interests

Most people find certain content topics way more interesting than others! Give your consumers what they really want by segmenting your email list by its content topic. See what your consumers are most interested in to deliver content that matches their interests. For example, some readers may be more interested in catching up on the latest news with a sports team they’re following, while others may be more interested in catching up on a recent political debate.


Want to know exactly what your consumers are interest in? Ask! Try sending out a survey to see what your consumers are interested in. This can help you develop a stronger email campaign that is targeted towards your audience’s specific needs and wants!


Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 2.47.20 PM


6. Sending Frequency

Some people love to read emails and catch up on the latest news everyday while others may become overwhelmed by sight of multiple emails, sitting unread in their inbox. To find the best sending frequency for your consumers, create a self-segment option. This will allow your consumers to choose how often they would like to hear from you and help your business build stronger relationships with their subscribers. An example of this would be to provide your subscribers with the choice of receiving emails daily, weekly or bi-weekly. With this option available, your subscribers can feel more in control of their content consumption and excited to see your email pop-up in their inbox!


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When followed, the above tips and tricks will allow you to segment your email list successfully to achieve great results.  The more best practices you use for segmenting, the better you can understand your audience and provide them with relevant content that will help to keep them engaged.

Click here to view the SlideShare presentation! 

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