5 Quick Tips to Help Improve Email Campaign Conversions

// March 31st, 2010 // Best Practices

The following suggestions should help you consistently grab your subscriber’s attention and provide them with an overall greater user experience:

  1. Use a custom designed template that reflects your brand, the audience and the message that you are sending.  For example, a home hardware store might design a template that matches their logo and brand.  However, if the newsletter is a “Gardening Tips” campaign – the template should also reflect these qualities. By doing this, your goal is to reinforce your brand while providing value to your subscriber through information, offers or knowledge.
  2. Headline your email to get noticed. You have to compete for mind share time with thousands of other marketers.  Make sure your Subject line intrigues your subscribers to want to read more.  For example, instead of having a title that reads; “November newsletter”, try something more like; “Attend our Holiday event and network with the best in the industry” or “Decrease your stress levels with ABC’s training seminars”.
  3. Always make it easy for people to find your contact information. Display your company address, website information and phone numbers prominently in your mailing.  It is surprising to know how many companies do not send the proper contact information within their campaigns and it’s critical.
  4. Use pictures but don’t overuse them. There should be a good balance between images and text.  Remember, many email clients initially block images from being viewed.  The text that remains should entice your audience to learn more.  If your entire message is a graphic – there is a good chance your message is not getting through.
  5. Links, Links, and more Links. Include links to your website, relevant articles, blogs, partner websites, and other relevant and credible sources.  When your subscribers click on these links you’ll be able to better understand their interests and subsequently market through segments.  You do however have to link it – to track it.




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