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We’re constantly searching for new ways to engage with our audience and provide them with the content they love and enjoy consuming. In order to do so, a smooth transition needs to be in place to convert your visitors into leads. When a road block begins from the start of the conversion process you can almost instantaneously lose a potential subscriber’s interest. Many users are finding it to be an extremely overwhelming process to sign up for a new user account online causing them to leave a website altogether. Manually inputting their personal information to sign up for a newsletter campaign can be a time consuming process and in turn have people running away! With a simple click of a button, a social sign-in option can help prevent this from happening. A social sign-in can offer a swift process to convert new user into a subscriber and allow your business to engage with your audience right from the start!


How does a ‘Social Sign-In’ work?

A social sign-in option allows a user to easily sign up for a new account online using a pre-existing social media account. A user can use this tool to skip the hassle of adding their personal information continuously into each and every new website they visit. Instead, they can use one of their social media accounts to sign in with, which already has their information. Having this alternative method available helps prevent abandonment and facilitates further engagement.


Below, we’ve shared the 5 key benefits to incorporating a social sign-in into your subscriber acquisition strategy:


1. A simple & fast login experience

With the expectation today that everything is easy to access, why should a user login not be? In a recent report, 86% of users identified that they were bothered by the task of having to create a new login account. Another report identified that 54% of users admitted to leaving a website all together because they didn’t want to create a new account. Of those users, 26% admitted to leaving the website to go and find another one with an easier login. These reports stress the importance of providing your online visitors with a fast and simple login to enhance your website’s user experience and keep people interacting with your website longer.


2. Teens love it

It is almost natural today for teens to constantly be engaged with their social media accounts. An awesome way to make your login process attractive for a younger generation is to add a social sign-in. Popular social sign-in’s are; Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and more! Many teens currently have a social media account for some, if not all of these popular platforms, making it easy for them to quickly sign-up. No need to include all of the social media platforms on your social sign-on, there are just too many. Consider including the ones that your target audience uses and interacts with the most.


3. Helps prevent users from forgetting their password & giving up all together

92% of users have reported in a recent poll that they have left a website all together, rather than resetting or recovering their login information. Having a social sign-in option allows these types of users to easily recover their account information and prevent them from leaving. No need for remembering a bunch of passwords, all they need is their social media account.


4. Easily share content straight to social media

Allow users to easily share the content they love straight onto their social media accounts. With social sign-in, users become logged into their social media account and can share the content they enjoyed directly to all of their friends and followers. No need for the hassle of copying and pasting a link. Users simply click on the share button and the content will go straight onto social media feeds.


5. Provides additional subscriber information

A great advantage of this tool, is that it grants access to your subscribers’ basic public information that is on their social media accounts. The additional information can allow you to further filter and segment your list according to the consumers needs. For example, you can become aware of additional subscriber  demographics, interests, and more, which will better inform your next subscriber campaign.
With this is mind, it can be great idea to include a social sign-in option for your online campaign. You have already gone through all the trouble to produce amazing content for your audience to read, so don’t deter them from it! Social sign-in allows for new users to continue to engage with your website by providing a quick and easy sign-up method so you can continue to engage with them over time. Remember it is not necessary to include every single social media platform on your social sign-in! You only need to include the ones your subscriber use the most.


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