On The Nature of Transactional Emails

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

:: Web Trends

Simply put, a transactional email is an email which is not sent in a bulk format. It is, therefore, an email which is sent one time to just one person due to a specific action undertaken by that person, or by an event important to that person.

The name ‘transactional email’ suggests that these types of messages are generated following a transaction. Indeed, this is the origin of the term – invoices sent following an online purchase. However, with the emergence of sophisticated email marketing tools, such as Campaign Manager, transactional emails now encompass a much wider variety of email types. Continue Reading

Why Can’t I See If Someone Opened My Email?

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

:: Tips & Tricks

Campaign Manager provides detailed campaign reporting, which allows you to view exactly who opened your email campaign and when, among many other metrics. But, you may wonder why you cannot see if someone in particular opened your email. The reason: Plain-Text emails.

It is an email marketing best practice to send both an HTML and a Plain-Text version of an email campaign to increase deliverability and the probability of all recipients viewing your email, whether the email client in use (Hotmail, Gmail, etc.) supports HTML or Plain-Text. Continue Reading

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