Why Did Your Subscriber Unsubscribe?

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

:: Best Practices

Subscribers are contacts that are added to your subscriber list either through opt-in or double-in permission. They have consciously chosen and explicitly given you permission to send updates, information and news from your organization or business. There are various means of obtaining subscribers, either directly through your website, social media platforms, and product purchases or through online and in person events.

Many of us have been through the frustration of creating a mailing, curating content, sending and then excitedly viewing the performance statistics, only to see a large number of un-subscribers or deletes. Continue Reading

Tips on Coding Email Campaigns

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

:: Tips & Tricks

Our customers have been getting very creative with their campaigns lately. We’re extremely excited to see them using our product to make beautiful campaigns. There are some issue that have been coming up so we decided to make a post with some helpful tips on designing and more importantly coding your e-mail campaigns.

Although your campaign may look fine in the preview window your contacts will be viewing it in various email clients on various devices. Some of these clients may be a couple years old so there are some things that need to be considered if you want your campaign to display correctly. Continue Reading

We Have Evolved! Check Us Out!

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

:: Announcements

We here at Upaknee are ecstatic to announce the debut of our new look and feel which includes all of our web properties such as our website, blog, support site and even Campaign Manager Version 3. We believe that everyone should have access to easy to use online marketing tools, and therefore we wanted our web design to reflect better organization, and an intuitive, user-friendly navigation. In short- so that you can find the information you are looking for quickly!  Our Campaign Manager Version 3 toolset also includes many new exciting and powerful features.

What are some of the changes you will see?

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